Chalet Ardennes

The biggest chance for snow in the Ardennes is between end December and mid February. On average there are 30 snow days per year.

Within 15 kms of the chalet you find a few slopes (alpine and cross country). You don't need snow chains unless there's more than 50 cms snow. 

The best known ski-slopes are :

  • Baraque de Fraiture (foto - 15 mins. from the chalet). E25 exit La Roche, 300 meters from the exit.
  • Val de Wanne (25 mins from the chalet)

Cross country: near Gouvy, Samrée,...

Whenever there's snow, it gets quite busy at the slopes. In the morning you'll lose most time at the rental department for shoes and skis as for most people this is a one day trip and they don't have their own equipment. If you do have your own material this will safe you a lot of time! 

Approx. price per day: €25. Ski equipment €15.

The lifts are quite old but they work! For those who want to avoid queing we have one tip: instead of queing, place yourself alongside the lift and grab one of the bars from someone who made an attempt but fell off (there's quite a lot of them so you don't have to wait for too long).