Chalet Ardennes

Welcome.. to Chalet Houffalize. Relax, You're on holiday. We'll take it from here.

Chalet Houffalize is one f the most popular vacation rental in the Ardennes - "Battle of the Bulge" region. Privately owned, we pride ourselves in making your stay as agreeable as possible. Ensuring the cottages are equipped to the standards you expect, is evidently just a start. Even though this is a self-catering holiday, we'll go the extra mile to assist you during your stay. Whether you are planning to visit the many WWII remembrance sites, the numerous castles, breweries, or just wish to enjoy the lush countryside, we'll plan your holiday for you. Places to see, things to do,... all customized to your expectations and wishes.

We would especially like to welcome English guests visiting the region to see the many Battle of the Bulge museums, sites and memorials. Please do let us know if this is the purpose of your stay, as we have developed a range of custom-made itineraries for such occasion.

Our website offers information on our award-winning accommodation, and highlights a number of activities and potential excursions. Should you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask us using the contact form. We'll send you a reply within 12 hours.

Welcome to Chalet Houffalize. The Ardennes' leading vacation rental.