Chalet Ardennes
Located at walking distance from the town of Houffalize, we offer 3 accommodations along the same path, about 100m from one another..

This is by no means a bungalow park - each accommodation is an individual freestanding house on its own sizeable plot of land, located along a dead-end path. On the other side of the path is a densely wooded area - Belgiums' largest natural reserve. In total, there are just 14 houses along the path, all privately-owned residences and used only by their owners. Needless to say, it is absolutely quiet.

Just three of these houses are being let as vacation rental. On the outside, the houses are quite similar-looking, due to the stringent building regulations - this being a natural reserve. Each house is built to the highest standards, and equipped with all mod cons.

Below, you will find a comparison of the amenities. Each of the chalets is presented seperately: Chalet A, Chalet B and Chalet C.

  Chalet A Chalet B Chalet C
Type Detached Detached Semi- Detached
Capacity 6 + baby 6 + baby 6 + baby
Sauna yes    
Wi-Fi internet Access yes yes yes
Wood Stove yes yes yes
Pets allowed No yes yes