Chalet Ardennes
The Valley of the Ourthe between Houffalize and La Roche is unmistakingly one of the most beautiful ones of the Ardennes.

The Ourthe is between 50 cms and 1m deep and as wide as a couple of meters up to 50 meters.  During the summer it is difficult not to yield to temptation and walk into the cristal clear water. Fishes swim away from you, crayfish hide underneath the rocks.  

Guests of Chalet Houffalize receive access to multiple PDF's, describing various walking trails.

And why not venture into the woods at night during the Winter..... Follow the green walking trail from our chalet into the woods. Put on some warm clothes and leave around 11pm. Take the following items with you: a torch, and lots of ... courage. The moment you enter the woods it dawns on you: surly silence.... the scream of an owl, the call of a buzzard. Did you hear branches breaking?.... A bush russling... We bet that after 500 meters, you will be returning to the safety of the chalet.

Detailed maps with marked trails are available in the chalet!